CITB HS&E Test – Operatives and Specialists

CITB HS&E Test - Operatives and Specialists

Quick revision

Track progress

User friendly

Custom & quick tests

Make every opportunity count – The CITB HS&E test mobile app for operatives and specialists (for iOS and Android devices) is built on Learn2 technology and enables you to revise and test your HS&E knowledge at home, on your lunch break or even on the move, helping you to ensure that you are fully prepared on test day.

Quick test:
  • Work through a limited number of questions from random categories
  • One-click instant start
Custom test:
  • Select questions from specific categories
  • Choose the number of questions
  • Flag questions that you are struggling with to look at again in the future
  • Get a comprehensive breakdown of your progress by category or
  • Over time, per individual session
  • Check your ongoing success rating in each individual category for custom tests

The HS&E app also contains the majority of the complementary information that operatives and specialists need to prepare for their test, including the ability to set a test date in-app, case study preparation, multilingual voiceovers and even a test centre search function.

Built on Learn2® technology – the approach used by millions.


How do I navigate through the various sections?

The orange band contains a number of icons.  Simply swipe the band until the desired icon is shown in white.  Then follow the instructions on screen.

How do I answer and then mark the questions in the quick and custom tests?

Navigate to the section “Knowledge questions” to sit a test.  Once the first question appears select the answer from the options provided by tapping on the relevant field.  Your selection is highlighted.  Once you are happy with the selection swipe from right to left to reveal whether your answer was correct or incorrect together with the correct answers.  Swipe again (from right to left) to progress to the next question.

How do I access the voiceovers?

You can listen to the voiceovers for the questions and answers during your test when your device is connected to the Internet only.  The voiceovers are available in many languages that are selected via the User details section.  Listen to the voice over by tapping and holding the text you would like to have read out or by tapping on the icon on the top right hand corner to show the menu; tap the microphone symbol to have the question and the answers read out. This is for all questions and candidate answers in the quick and custom test mode.


No known issues, currently.

Comprehensive help is available by tapping on the “i” icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Should you hit a problem as a first port of call try to close the App and then re-open it.  Follow the instructions relevant for your type of phone (iOS or Android based) to close the app.  Once the app is closed just start it in the usual way.

If you are still having problems or would like to make a suggestion please contact us via the contact page.  Support is available during the following hours – 09.30 to 17.00 (UK time).  We are normally very quick to react to your questions and suggestions, and we answer 99% of all enquiries with a maximum delay of 72 working hours.

We would be very pleased to hear from you with any comments.