The Complete Hazard Perception Test

The Complete Hazard Perception Test



Mock tests


Designed for iOS and for Android – The Complete Hazard Perception UK is the most comprehensive and user friendly package for candidates for the theory test available – it covers the theory tests for the following learners: Car, Bike, LGV and PCV. Designed for phones and tablets.

400+ interactive clips!

Gain access to HUNDREDS of revision clips for the Hazard Perception Test in the UK – prepare for the test through a learn and revise mode, as well as an exam practice mode.

Created for all iOS and Android devices

The best tool available for the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and all Android phones and tablets to prepare for the Hazard Perception part of the Theory Test. Use the content and approach that MILLIONS of users have practiced with to pass.

The best study aid available

Ideal for self-study or for trainers to use with their students. Study whenever and wherever. Internet connection required to gain access to the vast number of revision clips. WiFi connection recommended.

The Complete Hazard Perception offers a simple and unique learning experience “study – practice – exam simulation” to ensure that you understand the concepts, pass first time and enjoy safe motoring.

Built on Learn2® technology – the approach used by millions.